March 18, 2016

Spring Sojourn

When the earth swells,
     I remember
   puddles and pools,
   rooting and blooming,
  sprouting and swooning.
She plunges into water
   and rises toward the sun,
     sprawling out
among the honeysuckle breeze.

Elizabeth Bohlander Wilson
all rights reserved

January 26, 2014

Winter Sun

I awake to crisp, white encasement.
Your eyes,
     the blistering slap of cold blue,
          penetrating and awing.
Your smile,
     the sweet brilliancy of yellow,
          ample and brimming.

All Rights Reserved; Elizabeth Bohlander Wilson

December 6, 2013

Look at You

Plowing through the norm,
   on the edge of raw precipice;
marble-eyed, you grapple
   today in tomorrow’s time,
   clinging to previous lives,
   intentions undone,
   aware of the potential  and unalarmed
   by life;
Ignorant of vile or vice,
   pushing aside the mundane,
   confused by the destitute:
   downtrodden unknown.

You welcome familiar and curious faces,
   rolling and playing in the elation
   you supply;

living in the warmth of love.

All Rights Reserved: Elizabeth Bohlander Wilson